Bowen Therapy Toogoolawah

Experience the Bowen Therapy Difference just outside of Ipswich

Specialised Bowen Therapy Toogoolawah

Explore the distinctive and beneficial method of Bowen Therapy at Bodymechanics Bowen Therapy, located in Toogoolawah. Our approach provides a gentle, yet impactful route to recovery and overall health. Differing from conventional massages, Bowen Therapy concentrates on accurate movements across particular areas of the body, fostering internal healing and restoring the body’s equilibrium.

Bowen Therapy goes beyond mere treatment; it’s a path to peak health, especially with our services in Toogoolawah. Each session delves into the underlying reasons for discomfort, led by our skilled practitioners. Our philosophy centres on enhancing the body’s natural healing capabilities, offering solace and rejuvenation through our specialised approach.

Bowen Therapy Toogoolawah Prices

Adult $75.00

18 Years – 64 Years

Seniors $70.00

65 Years Plus

Teens $65.00

12 Years – 17 Years

Children $50.00

1 Year – 11 Years

Babies $30.00

New Born – 11 Months