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Experience the Bowen Therapy Difference just outside of Ipswich

Bowen Therapy Ipswich

Discover the unique and effective approach of Bowen Therapy at Bodymechanics Bowen Therapy just outside of Ipswich. Our specialised technique offers a gentle yet powerful path to healing and well-being. Unlike traditional massages, Bowen Therapy focuses on precise movements over specific points of the body, promoting healing from within and rebalancing the body’s natural state.

Bowen Therapy isn’t just a treatment; it’s a journey towards optimal health. Every session is an exploration into the root causes of discomfort, guided by our expert hands. We believe in nurturing the body’s inherent ability to heal, providing relief and restoration through our specialised technique.

Bowen Therapy Ipswich Prices

Adult $75.00

18 Years – 64 Years

Seniors $70.00

65 Years Plus

Teens $65.00

12 Years – 17 Years

Children $50.00

1 Year – 11 Years

Babies $30.00

New Born – 11 Months