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The Bodymechanics Bowen Therapy Story

Come on a journey with us, where we delve into the art of Bowen Therapy, a technique that surpasses traditional massage.

Come on a journey with us, where we delve into the art of Bowen Therapy, a technique that surpasses traditional massage. Here, we don’t just treat symptoms; we aim to reset your body’s natural balance, addressing issues at their core. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the human body, honed through years of dedication and enriched by personal experiences.

Manuela's Story

Manuela’s professional journey began with her working closely with clients in a one-on-one setting, which laid the foundation for her deep understanding of individual health and wellness needs. This experience was crucial as she transitioned into the field of Bowen Therapy in the Ipswich and Surrounding Areas in 2007. Her initial encounter with Bowen Therapy in 2008 revealed its significant potential for providing more than just temporary relief. Motivated by a desire to offer a comprehensive approach to healing, Manuela embarked on an intensive study of Bowen Therapy. She achieved her Cert IV in 2010, advanced to a Diploma in 2011, and attained a Master’s degree by 2013. This progression marks Manuela’s shift from general massage practices to focusing exclusively on Bowen Therapy, driven by a personal commitment to fostering holistic well-being within her community.

About the Founder of Bowen Therapy

Thomas Ambrose Bowen, born on 18 April 1916 in Brunswick, Victoria, was the innovative mind behind Bowen Therapy. His journey from a humble beginning to becoming a pioneering therapist is both inspiring and remarkable. After serving in World War II, Bowen’s innate curiosity and compassion led him to explore ways to alleviate human suffering. Without formal training in healthcare, he developed a unique therapeutic system through keen observation and experimentation, which he often described as a ‘Gift from God’.

Bowen’s approach was deeply personal and community-oriented. Starting in 1957, he and Rene Horwood offered treatments from her house in Geelong, Victoria, initially in the evenings and often free of charge. Their dedication saw them working tirelessly, sometimes throughout the night, to assist those in need. This commitment to service led them to eventually operate a full-time clinic, where Bowen could see up to 65 people a day, and together with Horwood, they sometimes treated over 100 patients in a single day, always ensuring children were treated at no cost.

In a testament to his character and dedication, Bowen ran a free clinic for children with disabilities twice a month, significantly improving the quality of life for many. His work extended beyond his clinic, offering his services to sports clubs, prisons, and the police, earning him recognition and respect within the community.

Bowen’s legacy is not just in the technique he developed but in the selfless manner he approached his work, treating everyone from TV personalities to racehorses. Despite his lack of formal medical training, his intuitive understanding of the body and its healing processes made him one of the most effective therapists of his time. His work continues to influence and benefit people worldwide, practiced in over 40 countries.